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The Diamond Dreidel? Now That’s Some Serious Gelt

“Oh, Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made it out of…precious stones?”

Finally, our connections in the diamond district have paid off in ways other than discounted engagement rings. Introducing the Jewish equivalent to the Victoria’s Secret million dollar bra, the diamond dreidel. This toy turned collector’s item from Mervis Diamond Importers gives a whole new meaning to holiday “gelt,” and in this recession, could not have come at a more appropriate time. Mervis claims this is the world’s first diamond dreidel, an almost one of a kind luxury that will cost you a pretty penny – $1,800 to be exact. While as Jews we may be saddened that this piece is not as edible as its chocolate gelt counterpart, its quality is sure to make up for its being made out of inedible, top-quality metal.

Let’s get to the specifics. The diamond dreidel features .96 carats hand-set in platinum and the diamonds are graded top-notch in both color and clarity. The stunning gleam of the stones is sure to appease anyone who sadly rolls a “nun” and is forced to put all their gelt back in the pot. On the other hand, for those who win the game of dreidel with this piece, you’re sure to feel like a Vegas high-roller. Pick up one of these to feel like you’re celebrating with the Trump-Kushner clan this Hannukah – but, be sure to order yours by December 9th to ensure it arrives on time for the holiday. Who knows? Maybe by next year you’ll see this puppy being rolled in high-end casinos across the globe – who needs penny slots when you can win the big bucks by rolling a “gimmel?”

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