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The Jewcy Guide to Getting Amped for Shavuot

Are you getting yourself prepared for that yearly all-night Torah study sesh, but forget how to cram like you did back in your college days?  We’ve got you covered:

1. Screw the cheesecake, it weighs you down. 

Instead, consider drinking a strawberry cheesecake power shake.

Strawberry Cheesecake Ingredients:  * 10 oz pure water * 8 frozen strawberries * 4 tbs. low fat sour cream * 10-15 drops liquid stevia (optional) * 1.5 oz. protein of choice

Blend and study. 

2. Work with the windows open. 

You need air dummy.

3. Get amped.

Aside from illegal drugs, 5-Hour Energy drinks are the best thing to keeping yourself up; but be advised, they aren’t kosher and they will make you agro.  The other option, Red Bull, tastes disgusting, and we usually only see people who look like Jersey Shore rejects chugging those anyway.  If you’re not into that, we suggest sticking to coffee.  A pound of Stumptown Hairbender is a blend of coffees from Latin America, East Africa and the Pacific Rim, and one pot will set you right for the entire night.

4. Blast the following jock jams on repeat:


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