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Navajo Moose Pendants Are the New Chai Necklaces
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Navajo Moose Pendants Are the New Chai Necklaces

Last month, The Scroll editor Adam Chandler uncovered a curious charm for sale on Ebay. This mysterious creature, identified by the seller as a “Unique Vintage Navajo Moose 925 Sterling Silver Pendant, Mariking 0.8 grams,” happens to look a lot like a certain Semitic symbol (the Yud becomes the tusks, facing outward, see it?), and readers were intrigued.

Yesterday, a Scroll reader reported another sighting of the mythical beast, this time in a Houston suburb. He was quick to qualify his discovery, however:

I cannot confirm that this particular pendant is the actual and now famous “E-Bay Navajo Moose.” My gut tells me one of the Israelis working at a kiosk in our local mall has stumbled upon a clever way to off-load a surplus-shipment of Chai pendants.

Have you seen the Navajo Moose?

The Navajo Moose Is Now a Fashion Trend [The Scroll] Navajo Moose: Jewish Spirit Animal

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