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Save America’s Oldest Mosque: Iowa Flood Update

Two weeks ago we told you about how Iowa’s Jewish community has been affected by flooding, and ways you can help, including giving to the Red Cross, and sending donations marked "Flood Relief" to the Jewish Federation, 910 Polk Boulevard, Des Moines, IA, 50312.

But the Jewish community isn’t the only small group with big new problems. In Cedar Rapids, Mother Mosque of America, the oldest surviving mosque in North America, took on so much water that teams of volunteers are still searching for anything worth saving. Among the ruined contents of the mosque are handwritten journals, photographs from the late 1800s, religious books, and the writings and recordings of T.B. Irving, who lived in Cedar Rapids and penned an early English translation of the Koran. If you live in or around Cedar Rapids, Mother Mosque is looking for volunteers to help looking through the wreckage, and soon it will be looking for people to help with teardown and reconstruction. Happily, the community is definitely planning to rebuild. To donate money to help rebuild the mosque, and to see pictures of the flood debris, visit

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