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FFJD Advice: A Sort of Breakup Is Sort of Broken
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FFJD Advice: A Sort of Breakup Is Sort of Broken

Hello, it’s advice day, and your girl E. Jean Mer/Kelsey/Some guy I surveyed in Starbucks and/or gchatted to figure out the solutions to your ever pressing problems, such as, Will Emma Stone Be My Friend? (a girl can dream/play Farmville), or This Douchewad Won’t Introduce Me to His Parents, or, Am I Normal? (chances are no, but I’m not really the best judge of that.) Let’s tackle today’s qwerty qwestion, shall we?

Dear FFJD,

FFJD – I’ve recently ended a weird non-relationship long distance relationship and I’m COMPLETELY miserable still…it’s been a month. He’s the first dude I’ve ever truly fallen for but I had to end it because he wouldn’t commit to something more. Advice?

Sad Sushi

The power of the Internet interwebs yields: Finding Nemo Sushi. I found him, but I need extra spicy mayo.

Dear Sad Sushi,

Why have I chosen this name? I dunno, I was craving a spicy tuna roll (I know, Sushi With My Girls, yes yes, yes) and I was sad that there wasn’t one in front of me. Kelsey and Zach had gone away on a romantic weekend together (I KNEW something was going on there, I could smell it) and I was left alone to fend for my own dinner. A large Pinkberry, which was caught in the wild forests of Washington. But Sad Sush, don’t fret, I don’t want to make light of your sad sushi-ness.

I’ve been in many a weird what is this I’ve met your parents but like we’re friends but everyones talking and I think about kissing you and once we did when Journey was playing and I thought it was going somewhere and we bbm every five minutes relationship/non-relaysh. They’re unequivocally the most miz, because they never get fully played out and you don’t date for real to see if things can work. My advice for such sitches is to basically have a moment where it comes to a head and you decide you want more (or less), which is seems you have done.

It sucks that he doesn’t want what you want. But, a month isn’t very long, I will say. I’d hope you’re at least getting over the hump, but chances are if this is someone you’re also sort of close friends with you need to give yourself the space from him (constant contact is an EXNAY). If he can’t commit to something more, and that’s what you want, don’t get stuck in the gray area. It’s no fun. And it’s not doing anything for you. Cut off contact, and maybe kiss someone else. And bring me a spicy tuna roll. Salmon. Tuna. Both.

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