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Monday Mazel: Two Less Single Doctors To Marry

Nothing like an August wedding, am I right?  Let’s get to this past weekend’s announcements.

When somebody marries a nice Jewish doctor, it’s cause for celebration.  When two nice Jewish doctors marry each other, that just seems a little greedy for all the singles out there who hope to one day get hitched to an M.D.  We hope you’re happy Dr. Robyn Jennifer Epstein and Dr. Jason Douglas Kreiner.  Both in life, and for robbing the world of one prospective spouse that can prescribe pills.

I racked my mind attempting to figure out what Jews and Cambodians have in common, but came up with nothing. Chanda Ouk and Matthew Wolf have set out to change that as the couple got married over the weekend, in a ceremony that mixed traditions from both of their cultures.  Looking up Cambodian cuisine, I’m sort of hoping they figured out a way to take the heavy fare from Wolf’s side, and mix it with the  tropical fruits, rice, noodles, drinks, dessert and various soups of Ms. Ouk’s.

Tracey Herman and Benjamin Shababo tied the knot in a spooky old mansion in Yonkers.  We looked the place up, and it looks a little on the haunted side.  Maybe the cantor who officiated should have called up one of his priest friends to cast out the evil spirits beforehand?

And finally, even though they play for Team Christianity, we’re gonna wish a big mazel to Richard Patrick Palermo and Stephen Paul Mazza.  We’d be doing a great injustice if we didn’t say mazel to Mazza.

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