About B. Lana Guggenheim

B. Lana Guggenheim is a writer on politics, anti-Semitism, and the utter misery of living a late capitalist existence.

‘The Socialism of Fools’

By May 3, 2017

Stop giving voice to anti-Semites and calling it “free speech.” Read More

Losing the Plot

By March 13, 2017

A rundown on Israel’s dangerous path. Read More

‘But Our Wall is Different!’

By February 3, 2017

How do we reconcile protesting Trump with Israel’s situation? Read More

A Light in Dark Times

By December 26, 2016

In a difficult year, what we should (and shouldn’t) emulate about the Maccabees. Read More

A Day of #JewishResistance

By December 2, 2016

Plus, what makes Jewish protests special? Read More

Gam Zeh Ya’Avor: What We Do Next

By November 17, 2016

A young Jewish leftist on a post-election plan. Read More

Why We Protested Brooklyn Commons

By September 9, 2016

An event organizer explains what happened that night. Read More

Stop Calling the Holocaust a ‘White Genocide’

By May 5, 2016

Calling the Shoah “white on white” hate belies a gross misunderstanding of anti-Semitism. Read More