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Remembering Bea Wain, the Remarkable Jewish Singer Who First Recorded ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’

By August 30, 2017

Wain, who topped Ella Fitzgerald in 1939, passed away earlier this month at 100 Read More

Conan O’Brien’s Whirlwind Tour of Israel is Exactly What You’d Expect—and That’s What Makes It So Fun

By August 29, 2017

The comedian has hit Tel Aviv and Jerusalem by way of El-Al, and the results are predictably endearing, if entirely ordinary Read More

This is the Most Sublime Anti-Semitic Internet Rant You Will Read Today

By August 25, 2017

String Cheese Incident drummer Michael Travis wants you to know that some of his best friends are Jews—and also about the Rothschilds and the Zionist cartel and the “Jewish banking agenda.” Read More

In Decades-Old Jewish Social Justice Manifesto, Lessons for Today’s Activists

By August 24, 2017

The more things changed since 1970, the more they stayed the same Read More

How a Jewish Soda Company Helped the Insane Clown Posse Fight the Nazis

By August 23, 2017

Faygo, started by Jewish immigrants, helped fuel the Juggalos’ anti-Fascist march on DC Read More

In Comic Book World, Queer Is the New Jewish

By August 21, 2017

An art form created by Jews opens a new chapter in diversity and representation of minorities Read More

Sandler. Stiller. Hoffman. Coming Soon to Netflix.

By August 18, 2017

With so many angry aging Jewish men in one place, the new Noah Baumbach movie may as well be a morning minyan at an Upper West Side shul Read More

Boreh Pri Ha’Ganja: What’s the Proper Blessing to Say Over Weed?

By August 17, 2017

We asked three scholars and got seven different opinions Read More