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A creature of the Washington, D.C., suburban sprawl, Jake Rake is a graduate of the University of Maryland. His interests include baseball, rock 'n roll, and not feeling feelings. Jake is a contributor to The Onion, Gelf, SNY's The Nooner and The Business Corporation, posts daily on JakeRake.com and hangs out like crazy.  He works on a couch in Jewcy's Dumbo office and recently achieved his lifelong goal of posting a link to a novelty hardcore porn site on the website of an online Jewish magazine.

Jewcy Zeitgeist: America on the Warpath, Gettin’ Loaded on Blow in the UK and Jobs are for Suckers, Anyway

By November 7, 2008

What’s goin’ on in the world today? People fightin’, feudin’, lootin’, it’s okay. Let it go, let it flow, let the good times roll. — Eminem The morning roundup of the happenings and lack thereof in all corners of the … Read More

Jewcy Zeitgeist: A Tough Day To Be Gay Or Michael Crichton, But Don’t Worry, The Coke Is Flowin’

By November 6, 2008

It is the author’s opinion that Condolezza Rice is being unreasonably pessimistic in saying that the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict will not be resolved in the next seven weeks. California, Arizona and Florida all voted to ban gay marriage. Somewhere in Idaho, … Read More

A New Day: Feelings vs. Reason

By November 5, 2008

Cheers to my brother’s girlfriend. Always the optimistic, tree-hugging, whale-saving, jailed-protester, "I like the Shins and think voting is important" bleeding-heart liberal with a heart of gold, the girl whose car’s bumper has more opinions than any human I’ve ever … Read More

A New Day: Feelings vs. Reason

By November 5, 2008

I’m not prone to sentimentality. The subtitle of my site is "Feelings Are Stupid." However, the people of Brooklyn’s reaction to President-Elect Barack Obama was definitely something with which I was completely unfamiliar, and hence, may have had me feeling … Read More

Jewcy Zeitgeist: Obamarama, Dirty Deeds In Canada and a Tough Night For Al Franken

By November 5, 2008

The black guy won. The Democrats now control the House and Senate as well. Doggone it, it appears as though not enough people like Al Franken in Minnesota, as the comedian’s Senate bid heads to a recount. California’s Proposition 8, … Read More

Philadelphia Inquirer Getting It Done Linguistically

By November 4, 2008

For whatever reasons, some subset of the American population continues to dwell on profanity as if it were something worthy of paying anything more than the slightest degree of attention to. On Tuesday, the Federal Communications Commission spent the morning … Read More

Jewcy Zeitgeist: Vegas Likes Obama, Hookers Feeling the Pinch and the FCC Protecting Our Virgin Ears

By November 4, 2008

The Supreme Court clearly has its priorities straight, spending Tuesday morning hearing a case between the FCC and FOX over whether the FCC is allowed to levy fines against the network for instances in which people accidently use profanity during … Read More

Killing The President: Easier Said Than Done

By November 3, 2008

In the mid-90’s, Chris Rock famously joked that there could never be a black Vice President because some black guy was liable to kill the President and would be hailed as a hero in the black community for his involvement … Read More