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Barney’s Finally Recognizes Jews As Core Demographic
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Barney’s Finally Recognizes Jews As Core Demographic

I’m not usually a fan of Barney’s all-too-frequent email blasts, but the one I got yesterday really caught my eye with an “Oy Veh Fall is here” headline.  I’ve long suspected that only Jewish women shop at Barney’s (who else will pay $500 for a cashmere v-neck?), and this email blast just confirms those suspicions. Still, what worries me is their depiction of the sweater-hunting Jewess: newly en-vogue beehive hairdo, un-tznius hair wrap, expensive looking mirrored background and SIX angry-looking white cats.  I must be missing something here, because that just doesn’t add up.  Oy veh, Barney’s.

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