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The Big Jewcy: Shawn Fogel, Musician – Golden Bloom, Neutral Uke Hotel, The Macaroons
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The Big Jewcy: Shawn Fogel, Musician – Golden Bloom, Neutral Uke Hotel, The Macaroons

When I was first starting to get really into music, I was around nine and I wanted so badly to have an awesome rock n roll hero who was Jewish.  Since my favorite band by a long shot was Guns N Roses and Axl was purportedly racist, the best possible option was Slash.  It became a great concern of mine to find out if Slash was a Jew.  When I found out that his real name was Saul Hudson, I grew fat with hope.  How many non-Jewish Sauls could there be?  To this day, I have no idea whether Slash is Jewish.

Shawn Fogel however, is definitely Jewish and he makes no bones about it.  He plays in a Chanukah centric band called The LeeVees, is involved in the North American Federation of Temple Youth.   Fogel has gotten a great deal of attention for his work in his primary project Golden Bloom, being sited by SPIN as "One of the 8 undiscovered bands worth a listen."  As well as his work in kids band The Macaroons.  His most recent project Neutral Uke Hotel is the musical equivalent of Fried Ice Cream.  As in, lets take something amazing, and make it more amazing!   In NUH, Fogel covers "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" in its entirety.  Short of covering both Use Your Illusion Albums on sitar, I can’t think of anything better.  Above all, it’s nice to live in a time, where people in rock n roll can be, and are, openly Jewish.

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