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Do I Believe in God Today?

UPDATE: I just Googled "Reason Not to Believe in God" and this was the actual result:



Extremely strange considering that this was a joke in the last "Do I Believe in God Today?" (Geeks: did I unknowingly make this happen? Oh well, it's still hilarious.)

Anyway, today's edition:

Reason to Believe in God: After "a British Airways passenger jet … crash landed at London's Heathrow Airport on Thursday," only "17 people suffered minor injuries" even though the "left wing and left engine of the aircraft were severely damaged, as if it had skidded across the ground. At least one of the plane's wheels had been torn off."

Reason Not to Believe in God: "A young woman found dying by her parents was plagued by allergies and may have been killed by brushing her teeth, said her family."






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