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Extremely Manipulative And Incredibly Irritating

The trailer for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close was released this week, which you may or may not know has a heavily Jewish-centric sub plot and is written by this generation’s commercially successful nebbbish, Jonathan Safran Foer.  Having read the book, I’ll put it out there (and face the judgement of the masses) that Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close was actually an extremely moving successful book, and because of that, watching this trailer evoked the original emotions that I felt when I read this book three or four years.   However, that emotional upheaval was only usurped by the queasy feeling the trailer gave me.

This trailer has two elements capable of ruining any movie trailer: Tom Hanks and U2.  Imagine for me now, you’re at your Bubby’s funeral and giving a eulogy about the time you and your Bubb’s played Monopoly until two in the morning and you feel that catch in your throat and the tears clouding your vision, but then you look out into the audience and spot Tom Hanks looking at you with grin of his followed by a smug wink, and just as suddenly your hear… One Love, One LifeAnalysts are guessing that this film, along with A Dangerous Method are likely to be big winners at the Oscars, and that being the case, we can look forward to rather Jewish Oscar Show for 2012.

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