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Jewciest Week Ever: From Palestine to Valentine’s

This week, we wondered along with Uri Avnery whether it's fair to call Marwan Barghouti the Nelson Mandela of Palestine. Then we switched tacks entirely and made fun of protesters who are celebrating Israel Apartheid Week by mocking their propaganda, their accessories, and their vocabulary.

We also wondered why all the Hollywood tough guys are played by either Aussies or Jews these days.

We endorsed Obama, in our special way.

Also this week: our own Izzy Grinspan spoke on a panel about whether the Internet was good for the Jews. Jewlicious reports that "one of the nice people attending the event asked me what the difference was between the Web and a Blog," and The Kvetcher complained that "except perhaps for Izzy, [the panelists] didn’t seem to know (or admit they care) about any of the specifics." Other than that, everyone had a good time.

We also celebrated Valentine's Day early, wondered whether critics liked "Orthodox Stance"because it was good, or just Jewish, and found out the secret behind the composition of 'Rehab.'



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