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Jewcy’s Fashion Week : Best Dressed of 5770

Lifestyle networks like A&E and TLC have warned you about them, you look at the items you have collected over the years and question whether you could be one yourself and when your frugal Jewish relatives comment on your spending habits you create excuses as to why you aren’t one of those self-control lacking…hoarders. In fashion, however, sometimes hoarding can be a good thing. Shoes, vintage clothing, diamonds, I could definitely go on as to what items I would deem hoard-appropriate. But there is another breed of hoarder in our industry, one who simply gets paid to collect cool and gorgeous stuff. These are the prop stylists of our world – they know how to work with animals and can find you kitchen utensils made out of bone. They make a living off buying and yes, hoarding, the most interesting of trinkets and in doing so, come across the best clothes in the industry as well. One of our dear friends who has flexed her styling muscle in both fashion and prop styling and definitely merits a spot on our Best Dressed List of 5770 is Randi Brookman Harris, whose used her great taste and killer personality in her work with Kate Spade, Martha Stewart and J.Crew – just to name a few.

Mommy-to-be and mistress of all things trinket, Randi began her career prop-styling for Martha Stewart Living. She then conceptualized window displays and ad campaigns for Kate Spade / Jack Spade before she branched off to open her own prop styling and creative direction business in 2009. As she worked on co-authoring her book Paper + Craft (which will hit stores this October!), Randi garnered clients such as Real SimpleInStyle, NYLON Japan, and Club Monaco. She adorably describes herself as a perfectionist, mess-maker and amasser of stuff. We were lucky enough to grab her for a brief bit to ask her about some of her favorite things…

Favorite item in your closet: A convertible Ports 1961 strapless, taffeta dress. It has a super slim pencil-skirt with amazing corseted support and has ruched draping across the bust. PLUS, it has a tea-length balloon wraparound skirt (with deep pockets!), which makes it two pieces in one. I have worn it in multiple different ways to about a dozen weddings or cocktail parties – it makes me feel like a glam movie star. As for accessories, I love this beaded necklace from Kate Spade I bought myself when I concepted for the company (hello, employee discount!). It has a delicate gold chain with rainbow colored and multi-textured beads – it makes people happy when I wear it!

Go-to blogs and magazines: I follow my favorite Tumblr blogs using my own – – but I also love oh joy!remodelista and emmas designblogg. As for the last trickling analog magazines I read religiously – New York MagazineNew York Times MagazineT Style Magazine, and the CrewCuts catalog (I want to prop style it!!).

Comfort Food: French Fries!!!!!!!! 

5 items you do not leave home without: Benadryl (I’m super allergic to nuts!), Blackberry, pearl earrings from my mother (I only like a stud – not dangly earrings – with my face and I love how pearls whiten my eyes and teeth and brighten my pale complexion!), my engagement ring (my husband jokes if I forget it that I’m trying to pickup men at all times!) and my Pollux handmade grey waxed-twill satchel.  Vintage shop: Paula Rubinstein Antiques for quirky and inspiring props and a good chat with Keith or Paula. I am not much of a vintage clothing shopper, but love the occasional vintage pin or scarf find at the Brooklyn Flea!

Coffee Order: Pre-Pregnancy: milky, sweet and fancy using only delicious quality beans (I’d never have a cup of bitter dishwater for the sake of caffeine, it’s more about the ceremony of it). Now That I’m Pregnant: I’m “off the sauce” so to speak, but have a scoop of Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream in a cold glass of milk twice per day!

So, plop a scoop of coffee ice-cream into some milk, eat it with your spoon made of wood and bone and relax on your perfectly selected antique couch. Pre-order Paper + Craft, buy an adorable Boston Terrier named Olive and turn her into the perfect dog model and you may just be half as cool as the J.Crew, InStyle and approved stylist, Randi Brookman Harris. She makes pregnancy and comfort food chic and definitely merits a mention during New York and Jewcy’s Fashion Week.

One more day left of New York Fashion Week!

Thumbnail photo via Joy Jacobs

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