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The Jewish Mother’s Guide to Style: J.Crew Accessories
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The Jewish Mother’s Guide to Style: J.Crew Accessories

If I had a dollar for every time I recommended J.Crew accessories to solve the styling woes of a friend, co-worker, family member or client, I’d have enough doe to finance purchases of many a sparkly piece from their stunning collection. Featuring basic items that add a touch of glitter toone of a kind vintage re-creations, J.Crew has mastered the art of mass market luxury with the air of uniqueness and innovation. Recent collaborations with famed jewelry designers Fenton Fallon and Miriam Haskell, J.Crew has taken to setting trends with their accessory collections of fine and costume pieces, rather than following the traditional mass market formula of being inspired bytop designers.

Their handbags are no different. While I would love to sit at my desk and regale you with advice of how splurging thousands of dollars on asilk, sequin embroidered Lanvin¬†purse is essential and completely justifiable, I shockingly discovered (after much research in the field mind you!) that there are in fact cases whereeven I, a jaded professional shopper, prefer J.Crew’s more affordable product.Whether you are in search of the perfect amount of glitter for a bridesmaidsdress or some icing to impress your fellow mummies on the playground, these crystal and brass pieces have just enough depth and patina to exude anexpensive, luxe and exciting aesthetic. While they may not be as cheap as theblender you scored an exciting deal on at your local Target or the brisket yourbutcher is selling at a discount just in time for the high holidays, thesepieces are worth their mid-level price tag.

For those of you who channel your inner W.A.S.P during the holiday season, odds are you are already shopping for the perfect gifts for your loved ones and chunky knit sweaters with reindeers playing dreidel emblazoned on their fronts. And as traditional and nostalgic as said sweater traditions may be, opting for one of J.Crew’s exciting, seeminglydesigner creations may just score you bonus points in Judeo-Christian heaven,where I imagine these dreidel playing reindeer reside during Santa’s offseason.

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