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The Big Jewcy: Mike Rosenthal – Created The Waiting For Godot Video Game

Mike Rosenthal first started drawing comics in Middle School, moving from reading the funnies, to creating them himself. As he got older, Mike not only got better at drawing, but more creative as well.  He created as a way to give his work an online home and began posting his comics to the web.  The comics gained Mike attention, but things really took off when Mike had the idea to pay homage to one of his favorite authors, Samuel Beckett.

Mike had the idea to create a video game that would pay homage to Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot.”  “Beckett created works that were art for arts sake, and I thought, it’d be cool to show that in video game form, since most often, video games are for commercialism’s sake,”  said Mike.

As soon as the video game hit the internet, press, especially literary press, went nuts.  The game became an instant sensation, and Mike even received a cease and desist letter from Beckett’s estate asking him to remove the Waiting for Godot title from the game.  While Mike says he has no plans to make another video game based on iconic literature, for fear of becoming that guy that makes video games based on literature, he’s still creating tons of interesting stuff over at, and we here at are pretty sure his best work is yet to come.

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