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Year-Round Cultural Atonement
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Year-Round Cultural Atonement

Whether you’re Orthodox or atheist, you’ve no doubt encountered non-Jewish works of art that resonate with fundamentally Jewish teachings about repentance and forgiveness. Yom Kippur asks us to atone for 24 hours straight, which seems like a power cleanse for the soul that’s bound to wear off quickly.

Like New Year’s resolution-themed gym fliers that get mailed in March, constant subjection to atonement art can help you stay sin-free well into 5768.

Jewcy asked three of our favorite writers to give us lists of films, songs and books that deal with expiation at the universal level. Stick the movies in your Netflix queue, download the songs from iTunes, one-click those books from Amazon. You’ll have a twelve-month supply of gentle reminders that teshuva means saying you’re sorry over and over and over again.

Film Picks,

by Slate movie critic Dana Stevens

Song Picks,

by Slate music critic Jody Rosen

Book Picks,

by Elegant Variation blogger Mark Sarvas

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