Arielle Kaplan

Arielle Kaplan is a contributing writer at Jewcy and a court jester. She co-hosts Bellesa's sex/comedy podcast Balls Deep, and created Alma's ranchy Torah show "And God Was Like." Arielle's bylines include Alma, Kveller, The Nosher, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, The Times of Israel, and Salty Magazine.

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Conflicted Convert

I’m a recent convert and despite the fact that I have dated a disproportionate number of Jewish women in my life, my current partner isn’t Jewish.

Shlemazel in Love

Shema Arielle, My fiance is cheating on me. How do I know? He just told…

Eshet Chayi-less

I want to meet new people, but I’m afraid that I’d relinquish my independence to my yiddishe mamme like I already have for too damn long. 

Fast and Furious

I thought he was my bashert. But he lied about his finances.

Helplessly Hung

I keep falling in love with every man that gives me the slightest bit of attention. Help.

Messy Meshugane

Things fizzled out, but I still like him. Should I be up front?

Lonely Latke

I’m so disappointed by Nice Jewish Boys. When did they stop being nice!?

Smackin’ and Schmoozin’

How do you break up with someone lovely who you just don’t love like that?