About Dale Raben

Dale Raben is a writer/editor/aspiring housewife living in Brooklyn, originally from South Florida. She's a children's book review editor and is currently pursuing a master's in English Literature and planning her wedding. When she doesn't have her nose in a book, she's whippin something up in the kitchen. Dale is one of Jewcy's Pickled food bloggers.

China Jumps on Kosher Bandwagon

By January 18, 2008

Chinese exporters are turning to rabbis to quell consumers' uneasiness about the country's food products. After last year's uproar over contaminated seafood, toothpaste, and pet food, the Chinese food industry is trying to clean up its act–or at least have … Read More

Feed Me Bubbe

By January 16, 2008

I think this granny deserves a spot on Food Network! Hungry for more? Go to Yideoz (YouTube for Jews) to watch all 19 episodes.  

Calling All Tree Huggers!

By January 14, 2008

Next week is Tu B'Shevat, and for many Jews the holiday has become about a lot more than tithing trees, according to a recent article in Something Jewish. With the upsurge in environmental activism jump-started by Hurricane Katrina and Al Gore's An Inconvenient … Read More

Second Avenue Deli Opening Either Today or Monday

By December 14, 2007

Everyone is reporting that the long-awaited Second Avenue Deli on 33rd St is opening on Monday, but I could swear I heard on New York radio station 1010 WINS this morning that it was open. As in, open at 7 … Read More

Tuesday Taste Test: Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic

By December 11, 2007

  I recently bought one of those beautiful, amazing Le Creuset Dutch ovens (Bloomingdale's was having a home sale), and I am newly obsessed with those Empire Kosher whole cut-up chickens (how convenient/delicious are they??), so I decided to try … Read More

Q&A with Shoshi, Queen of Kosher Soul Cuisine

By November 19, 2007

Meet Shoshi, a Sephardic/Mizrahi Jew, personal chef, talk show host, blogger, upcoming author, and self-described "luscious lifestyle diva." This woman does it all! She was able to spare some time, though, to tell us about her lifestyle company, services, and … Read More

Corporate Saints?

By November 16, 2007

Pretty soon, you'll be able to feel less guilty about eating Frito-Lay's chips. But not because they're reducing their fat content or switching to healthier ingredients. What Frito-Lay is embarking on is even better: an ambitious plan to completely change … Read More

Kosher Cooking DVD

By November 16, 2007

Are you fed up with watching the Food Network, wanting to make a recipe, but then having to think about how to substitute ingredients in order to make it kosher? Well, now there's a cooking video specifically for the kosher community. Everyday Kosher Cooking, created … Read More