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Kosher Cooking DVD

Are you fed up with watching the Food Network, wanting to make a recipe, but then having to think about how to substitute ingredients in order to make it kosher? Well, now there's a cooking video specifically for the kosher community.

Everyday Kosher Cooking, created by Adiel Lejbovitz, is a four-hour-long DVD with cooking demonstrations by Jewish chefs, behind-the-scenes interviews, an introduction to kosher laws, and a tutorial on knife skills. This is the first in a planned series of DVDs, which will cover Shabbos, yom tov, Pesach, BBQs, and sushi.

Know anyone who needs some kosher cooking lessons? This may just be the perfect Chanukah gift. Everyday Kosher Cooking is available at Judaica stores and distributed by Sameach Productions.


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