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Jacob Silverman's work has appeared in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The New Republic, Tablet, and many other publications. He lives in New York and is also a contributing editor for the Virginia Quarterly Review. He tweets here.

Culture Kvetch: Retweet This War

By November 21, 2012

How social media and cellphone cameras have brought us to the limit of spectatorship Read More

Culture Kvetch: Women Aren’t Funny? Really?

By November 7, 2012

Yael Kohen’s ‘We Killed’ and the evolution of women’s roles in American comedy Read More

Culture Kvetch: Shani Boianjiu and the Problems of Youth

By October 24, 2012

A new Israeli writer sheds light on life in the IDF Read More

Culture Kvetch: Stop Calling Porn Star James Deen a ‘Nice Jewish Boy’

By October 10, 2012

Sometimes, a Jewish porn star is just a Jewish porn star Read More

Culture Kvetch: Watching the Anti-War Documentary ‘Tears of Gaza’

By September 20, 2012

The 2010 documentary, screening this week in New York, offers an uncensored—if one-sided—look at violence and bloodshed in Gaza Read More

Culture Kvetch: The Jews of HBO’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’

By September 5, 2012

The Jewish characters of HBO’s Prohibition drama are sometimes hackneyed and unsettling, but they’re always great TV Read More

Culture Kvetch: Andy Zaltzman, Radio Comic for an Internet World

By August 22, 2012

John Oliver’s lesser-known partner on British podcast “The Bugle” mixes low-brow, pun-filled humor with scabrous political satire Read More

Gary Shteyngart’s Blurbs: A Journey to the End of Praise

By August 8, 2012

What the creator of “The Collected Blurbs of Gary Shteyngart” has learned while doggedly cataloging the writer’s numerous nuggets of literary praise Read More