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Edit Him Out

Like Bumble Sex worker, I’m going to start charging.

My Rent-A-Bat-Mitzvah-Party Boyfriend

My daughter’s bat mitzvah was a slipshod affair as far back as the night of…


We never would have planned this. We were terrible at planning things.

My Big Fat Israeli

Dating apps are where damaged divorced men go to die.

The Divorce Dress

There were so many people, places and things for whom one needed to get married. This dress carried the weight of the entire history of the Jewish people.

From the Shtetl to the City

I am here to pour my heart out with past, present, and hopefully future dating stories to all the others who are also asking themselves where all the Nice Jewish Boys have gone.

Win a Date with Grant Hubsher!

The former bachelor contestant is holding a contest to raise awareness for genetic screening.

A Very Sexy Purim

Welcome to ‘House of Esther’