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Slip Of The Tongue Makes 20% Of The NBA And Most Of America Jewish

If only slips of the tongue counted.

Today Skip Bayless of ESPN’s First Take made a tiny, but amusing mistake while debating whether it is appropriate to call Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers the first great white star because while his father is black, his mother is white.  To support his argument, he appealed to the Jews for help in determining someone’s identity.

His slip of the tongue: “I would just like to point out that in some cultures, like in the Jewish culture, if the mom is white, you’re Jewish.”


How many First Take watchers followed the badly premised logical proposition and concluded that Griffin and dozens of other NBA players were considered Jewish, we’ll never know.  But better they spend their time thinking about how many NBA stars would take off for Pesach than follow Bayless and Rob Parker’s cringe-worthy conversation about white pride and “black blood.”

Bayless went on to clarify what he meant, “The mom differentiates, the mom is the deciding factor.  I’m not saying that has to apply here [to Griffin], but….”

First Take should be careful with the “Who is a Jew?” question.  Next thing you know our little game at Chanah Senesh will be overrun by people who can actually play.

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