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Eat More Hummus, Help End Smoking?
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Eat More Hummus, Help End Smoking?


Hummus: as if you needed another reason to love it! Well, here’s another reason: as America’s love affair with the Middle Eastern dip grows, the humble chickpea is beginning to compete with tobacco as a profitable cash crop for farmers in the tobacco-growing region of the U.S.

In April, The Wall Street Journal reported a 25 percent increase in sales of “refrigerated flavored spreads” from 2010—that’s a category dominated by hummus. One of the largest manufacturers in the country, the (partly) Israeli-owned Sabra Dipping Co., is behind the push to grow more chickpeas. Right now most of their product comes from farms in the Pacific Northwest, but they’re looking to develop a separate crop close to their plant in Virginia to ensure supply (and, no doubt, keep things competitive). I mean, what would the N.F.L. do if their official dip supply ran out mid-season? Perish the thought!

As cigarette sales are rapidly declining (hurrah!), this video from Truth, an anti-smoking campaign directed at teens, prompts a totally relevant question: if we eat enough hummus, could we help put an end to smoking?

It’s actually not a crazy thought. Here’s our recipe. Eat up.

[h/t Huffington Post]

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