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The Weirdest Anne Frank Book Cover Of All Time
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The Weirdest Anne Frank Book Cover Of All Time

This outrageously bad cover of Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl is, apparently, real. Over at Kotaku, Brian Ashcraft writes that the edition was released in South Korea several years ago by an “unscrupulous publisher,” and recently unearthed on Twitter by user Che_SYoung.

I very much hope this pulpy take is the result of benign ignorance, or illiteracy, or a series of devastating but irreversible technical errors. Did the designer accidentally switch the cover art for Anne Frank’s diary with the cover art for a novelization of the 1987 B-grade classic, Mannequin? Did they hear the word “attic” and conflate Anne and Peter’s tentative romance with a racier, Flowers in the Attic-type affair? Also, SHOULD WE TELL JUSTIN BIEBER? ‘Cause I think we might’ve found his Belieber.

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