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Ali Eteraz, Islamist Overlord of the Week
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Ali Eteraz, Islamist Overlord of the Week

Having duped, dissimulated and hoodwinked the infidels for the past year, I have finally found in Micheal Weiss the eager dhimmi who will help turn my super secret plans for global Islamic domination into reality. Since any appropriate islamic liberation must target Jews in some way, I, lacking any interest in Jerusalem, will start with the hard core Jews at Jewcy. All the lattes and consumption of leftist logorrhea would have naturally made them fully prepared to be secretly ruled by a secret alliance of leftist-islamists who have secretly taken control of the reins of the world from the six secretive Jews who once secretly ran it. As guest blogger I only have one weak to turn all of you into simpering slaves, living solely for the sake of my utopian phtantasmagoria (which I call Natalie Portman).I will compensate for my short duration (and sexual insecurity) by repeatedly calling my self Caliph (though Natalie Portman can call me Darth). My other goal is to be offered an honorary J-date account, so that I am no longer reliant on Craig'slist or trolling Myspace. Barring that, I will take the lesser reward of gaining a few more Facebook friends so that on lonely Saturday nights I can do comparative analysis of the US News Rankings of our respective undergraduate institutions, which I will then enter into an Excel spread sheet and send them to my islamist overlords If you haven't already, feel free to click on my name and check out my biography. This weak we will discuss issues involving Islam, Judaism, Politics and Art. The post should get longer as I get more comfortable. Looking forward to it.

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