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American Apparel: Requiem for a Shmata

Today came the news we’ve been waiting for, that American Apparel might not be able to sustain itself over the next year.  Many will shrug and say "so what?," others may hail this as the final blow to the ailing hipster scene, and some might mourn the loss of a really cozy t-shirt maker. Whatever your opinion, and for all the outlandish antics–as well as the often piggish behavior–of CEO Dov Charney, if American Apparel does indeed go under, we will be losing a company that at the very least attempted to pay workers a fair wage (average of $12 an hour), and kept operations in the United States.  While we don’t foresee Charney winning any Jewish businessman of the decade awards, the loss of a business with ethical labor standards is a gloomy prospect — and yes, we will miss the foxy advertisements and comfy shirts if American Apparel goes under.

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