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Dayenu, Obama

If you were only a successful American politician with the name Barack Hussein Obama- Dayenu

If you were only the first black major party presidential nominee- Dayenu

If you were only a candidate who applied a community organizer’s perspective to your campaign’sfield strategy- Dayenu

If you only had that smile- Dayenu

If you were only a potential commander-in-chief who took avoiding war seriously enough to engage in long and difficult diplomacy with hostile nations- Dayenu

If you were only a potential commander-in-chief tough enough to know when diplomacy may reach its limits- Dayenu

If you were only a child of two continents, two races, three countries of upbringing, and a man who could turn that experience into beautiful, introspective prose- Dayenu

If you had only given your speech on race- Dayenu

If you had only registered hundreds of thousands of new voters through your campaign- Dayenu

If you only had a gorgeous, stylin’, eloquent, brilliant wife who is clearly your equal partner- Dayenu

If you had only eloquently and persuasively defended the role of government in regulating and equalizing the bounty of our nation- Dayenu

If you only managed to be totally hot and yet simulatneously dorky (see: him dancing. anytime.)- Dayenu

If you only showed political leadership so calm, focused, and disciplined that it could not be buffeted by vicious attacks- Dayenu

If you only gave us "Yes We Can"- Dayenu

If you only had so many cute pictures of you listening earnestly to children– Dayeny

If you only restored our hope-Dayenu

If you only attracted record crowds-Dayenu

If you only looked damn good in a suit-Dayenu

If you only made us consider GEORGIA and INDIANA as swing states, for g-dssake-Dayenu

If you only took us to the mountaintop and showed us the way to victory- Dayenu

-and then reminded us that with 6 days to go, a consistent lead in national and statewide polls, and unbelievable momentum– we still need to knock on every door, call every person, and turn out every single vote.


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