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Eyes on the Pies: National Pie Day Food Porn
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Eyes on the Pies: National Pie Day Food Porn

Here at Jewcy, we like to think we have a finger in every pie. Today, in honor of National Pie Day, have a face-full on us. The following videos feature a few classic pieing moments, from the Three Stooges to Bill Gates. Whether comedic or political, a pie in the face is always a classic act.


Though its roots are in silent film, the art of pieing hit the big time in a 1927 Laurel and Hardy film called The Battle of the Century. The Three Stooges followed suit, and pieing became one of their oft-used devices, as seen here.

In this rarely performed sketch, Monty Python demonstrates the technique involved in pieing, as well as its comic implications, or as they say, "The ribald connotations associated with the dispatch of an edible missile."

Gay rights activist Aron Kay (AKA The Pieman), who pied Anita Bryant in 1977, is generally credited with the evolution of pieing from an act of comedy to an expression of activism. Here's Bill Gates getting pied by Noel Godin in Brussels, in 1998.

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