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Forget FaceBook, it’s All About TasteBook
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Forget FaceBook, it’s All About TasteBook

Rejoice in thy recipes, for TasteBook has launched! The beta site offers users a place to find, store, and organize recipes, but that's not all: Also available is the opportunity to self-publish your own customized, hardcover cookbooks.

TasteBook has two key features: first, it simplifies searching for recipes online by indexing recipes from all over the Web into one list of search results. It then allows people to select recipes from those search results and print them out in a professional-looking cookbook.

In addition to being able to publish your own recipes this way, TasteBook has partnered with Epicurious to provide an initial 25,000 recipes–a number that will greatly expand to include recipes from various other sites starting in early 2008.

People can automatically import their Epicurious recipe boxes and can also upload their own recipes and include them in the books they print.

For $34.95, a user can print a hardcover binder with handpicked cover art and up to 100 recipes with their own comments added. If all 100 recipes aren't used initially, TasteBook will issue credits for the remaining recipes, which can be printed out later and added to the binder or sent to friends.

Sounds like craft time!

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