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FrontLein: Stick it in Comcast’s Eye

Now, I'm no David (although I have been complimented on my crackerjack "stone and sling" skills more than a few times), but I feel like every day we're another step closer to leveling the Comcast goliath.

That's right. All you poor, downtrodden Comcast customers who have been unable to post comments about how poor and downtrodden you are? Well that is about to change. Probably.

The fact is that a very kind man in the upper tiers of the vast Comcast empirelet's call him "Brian"has been secretly corresponding with me on the side, in hopes of helping our site "be all that it can be." Yes, truly he is "an army of one." Indeed: "choosy moms choose Brian".

It hasn't been easy, of course. While sometimes his emails are enlightening and hopeful, offering real ideas, like this excerpt…

Is there anyway you can email the [server] logs you have now? Can it be monitored over the next couple of days? If so, let me know and I can get it to the Networking people.

I sometimes get things like this (whole email)…

Sorry, I typing with my toes too !!!!

But fear not. With the help of Faithhacker Laurel Snyder and Advomatic's server guru, Aaron Welch, we are fast on our way becoming the Jewish media cabal that is our manifest destiny!

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