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Have an Easy Fast

I'm feeling solemn. Not because I'm thinking about the sins I have to atone for tomorrow, but because nothing will pass beyond my lips. For someone who bases her life around meals (and requires coffee in order to function at the most basic level), I feel that my immediate future holds no pleasure. However, it is only one day. We're going to get through this! Here are some tips I've come across on easing the pain:

The Night Before:

1. Don't drink alcohol with dinner for these obvious reasons: You will be thirsty, you might get a headache, you could be hungover tomorrow, and, in worst case, you could puke, leaving you with an empty stomach.

2. Eat something filling, and not too salty or spicy. Kung Pao chicken, for instance, would not be ideal.

3. Don't overeat. Some people say that if they eat a huge dinner, they feel extra hungry the next morning. I am not of this camp. I personally like to stuff myself until I feel like I never want to eat again (or at least the next day). I plan on eating a hefty portion of pasta tonight, and maybe a slice of cheesecake for dessert…Mmmm…

The Day of:

1. Go to temple. It helps to be around a bunch of people who are suffering along with you.

2. Don't talk about how hungry you are. This will only draw your attention to your growling tummy. Instead, think of foods that make you want to barf, like week-old sushi or maggot-infested oatmeal.

3. Take a nap. It suppresses the appetite and makes the time fly by. You might even dream of eating, and then it's like you actually did!

4. Sniff spices. I've heard that sticking your nose into a jar of cinnamon, cloves, and/or cardamom eases hunger. (These are the spices used during the havdalah ritual at the end of shabbat.) I have no idea if this works or not, but since I happen to have these spices on hand because of the baklava I just made, I plan on trying it. Hey, why not?

If you have any more tips on easing the fast, please share!

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