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I’ll have what she’s having
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I’ll have what she’s having

Okay – I know some of you are probably sick of hearing me blather on about food by now ("Is food the only thing she talks about?" Yes, yes it is.)  So I want to hear from all you smart Jewcy readers out there instead.

Everyone puts food in their mouth multiple times a day – but how often do we actually think about what we're eating?  And when we do, what do we think about?  I can bake a cake, but unfortunately my tech abilities are close to zero, so I can't make a fancy poll.  But I've listed three questions below to get your juices flowing – I'd love to hear your answers and comments to the questions below (don't forget to give us the why).    

1. When I'm hungry, I consider these factors before eating (choose all that apply):

  • I don't think about it at all – I just shove whatever is closest into my mouth and call it a day
  • Time – I'm usually in a rush, so whatever I eat has to be convenient.
  • Taste – If it tastes good, that's all that matters
  • Health/Nutrition – I only eat foods that are healthy and avoid taking in too many calories, fat, transfat, cholesterol etc.
  • Ethical values – If it's not "organic" "vegan" "locally grown" "fair trade" etc. I'm less likely to eat it
  • Cost – I'm not made of money – the 99 cent Wendy's menu suits me just fine
  • Other

 2. I am a:

  • Vegetarian/Vegan who would never eat meat
  • Vegetarian who is thinking about eating meat again if I can find a way to do it sustainably
  • Vegetarian who would eat meat if I could kill it myself
  • Meat eater who would not eat meat if I had to kill it myself
  • Hard core carnivore who would have no problem killing it myself
  • Other

3. I keep kosher:

  • No – It doesn't really seem relevant for my life
  • Yes – I am strictly kosher, and that trumps all other food concerns
  • Yes – I usually keep kosher, but I eat out at non-kosher restaurants
  • Yes – I usually keep kosher, but if I have to make a choice between kosher and organic etc., I find myself choosing the organic.


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