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Immigration: When Only a Fascist May Dissent

The Jewish world is in a tizzy over the reemergence of far-right parties that were elected to the European Parliament. The neocon Michael Weiss quoted Marx, “Once again the English working class has disgraced itself.” The JTA article was replete with offical condemnations.

But perhaps, instead of merely condemning, we should ask ourselves why this is happening. Weiss offers that voting for the BNP is:

one way to piss off the bourgeois city-dwellers who plundered the economy, brought the country under the yoke of the European Union, and acquiesced—this is the uncomfortable part—to the influx of so many unassimilable immigrants.


Yes, Michael, that is the uncomfortable part, isn’t it? So uncomfortable, in fact, that few are willing to address these issues beyond platitudes that preempt a change in policy, as to do so inevitably incurs vicious condemnation for merely raising such challenges.

To publicly question mass immigration is to ensure being labeled a right-wing extremist. And therefore the only people willing to do so are often… right-wing extremists. And therefore the only electoral avenue for protest of mass immigration is by voting for these right-wing extremists. In the U.S., it has often been elements within the Jewish community that have taken the lead in labeling all whom question mass immigration policies as right-wing extremists. Just ask Stephen Steinlight what happens. He was made quite uncomfortable, wasn’t he, Michael?  But if Europe is any indication of what we face here—and I think it is–perhaps we need to stop letting our discomfort preempt a serious addressing of these questions, and stop making others who are willing to do so uncomfortable as well. Or our situation will truly become quite uncomfortable indeed.

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