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Introducing: Movable Snipe!
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Metzora, and the Purification Process
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Introducing: Movable Snipe!

Some cognitive behavioral therapist somewhere has got to be working on a monograph about internet narcissism. Read any blog today – a-hem – and you’ll notice an alarming level of self-absorption, one that was unimaginable just a few years back when it was the unpublished voices in your head that begged for TrackBacks and Comments. Jewcy believes in confrontation and “dialogue.” Therefore, every other week we’ll enlist two writers to tweak five blogs of our choosing. They (the blogs) may be political, legal, cultural, or all about cats that look like Hitler. We’re hoping the digital Davids who find themselves so unceremoniously kicked around by our slobbering Goliath get a few licks in themselves before Friday. Blogs wars are like food fights, except our version of the principal’s office is to make you watch Andrew Sullivan pick at his ass on cable television. For our debut Movable Snipe (cute, no?) we’ve contracted former New Republic contributor Spencer Ackerman and Opinionista Melissa Lafsky. Captain’s Quarters, Feministing, The Spine (Marty Peretz's personal TNR blog – it’s almost too easy sometimes), Jossip and Wonkette We’ve got their numbers this week. We just hope they’ll call us back.

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