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Jewcy Outsources: Guest Editor Stefan Beck
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Jewcy Outsources: Guest Editor Stefan Beck

This week, the Shvitz will be guest edited by Stefan Beck. Stefan's a fellow Dartmouth grad and one of the few people I'd call a literary critic as opposed to book reviewer. Sadly, he recently gave up his perma-perch at The New Criterion to be a freelance in Philadelphia. (Somehow Roger Kimball still managed to track him down and assign him work.)

Perhaps most notorious for his fileting of N+1 (rumor has it Ben Kunkel has yet to divert his affectless gaze from the word "Revenge" scrawled in shaving cream on his Boerum Hill shower curtain), Stefan actually likes Camille Paglia and Claire Messud, so so much for saddling these Tory culturati with curmudgeonly reps.

Welcome him as our shabbos goy in check trousers.

Because what Jewcy needs is more Anglophilia along the lines of Wodehouse and Waugh. Yes, definitely.

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