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Kosher is the New Black

The Global New Products Database, which "monitors worldwide product innovation in consumer packaged goods markets," has reported that "Kosher" was the most popular food label in the U.S. in 2007, beating out "All Natural" and "No Additives or Preservatives."

This past year, 3,984 new kosher food products and 728 kosher beverages were launched, the company reported.

The kosher marketplace has been growing 10-15 percent over the last 15-20 years, according to Rabbi Eliyahu Safran, senior rabbinic coordinator at the Orthodox Union.

Americans spend $10.5 billion annually on kosher products, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The growing demand for meat and dairy-free products has greatly contributed to the market growth for kosher products in America. Also influential has been the fact that food certified as kosher is considered Halal, or Islamically permissible. More practical than the niche kosher products that I've recently posted about, such as Exit energy drink and Simcha beer, kosher brands like Tofutti have been hugely successful in crossing over into vegetarian, vegan, and mainstream markets. Tofutti offers products ranging from dairy-free "ice cream" and "cream cheese" to vegan pizza and blintzes.

Second to "Kosher," "All Natural" appeared on 2,023 food products launched in the United States this year.

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