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Spike in Anti-Semitism Amidst Gaza War

As the war goes on in Gaza, heightened tensions are sparking increased anti-Semitic threats and attacks around the world. Here are some that made headlines:

Anti-Semitism Spikes in Britain

According to, eighty five individual incidents or threats have been reported against Jews and/or Jewish institutions in Britain in just the first two weeks of January, setting the nation on a path to having the highest number of anti-Semitic incidents in one month in the history of the Community Security Trust’s records. 

Synagogue in France Vandalized

A synagogue in northern France was vandalized on Tuesday with graffiti that included a swastika, according to the Jerusalem Post. Ynet also reports 55 incidents of anti-Semitism since the beginning of Operation Cast Lead.

Vandalism of Hebrew Girls School in Brooklyn reported the vandalism of Shaare Torah, a Hebrew Girls School in Brooklyn with "Kill the Jews" graffiti and swastikas. 

Israel Advocacy Group Raided by Pro-Palestinian Protestors

London’s BICOM was raided on Tuesday morning by shouting protestors who super-glued photographs of Gaza victims to computers, doing damage to much of the office’s communication infrastructure, according to

Policemen Stoned in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Post reported that four policemen suffered minor injuries after being stoned by Arab teenagers in east Jerusalem on Wednesday. 

Turkey-Israeli Relations Strained

MSNBC reports strained relations between Israel and Turkey, once its closest friend in the Muslim world. The prime minister of Turkey is under pressure to take a stance on the war as it continues to be fought in Gaza.

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