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Taking the Oy-Vey Out of Planning Your Big Day! A Virtual Haven for Jewish Brides-to-Be
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Taking the Oy-Vey Out of Planning Your Big Day! A Virtual Haven for Jewish Brides-to-Be

What happens when JDate actually works?  That was the predicament owner Sara Marcus found herself in when she first became engaged. While print and online wedding resources abound, she found that none specifically addressed the needs of planning a Jewish wedding. And then she got to thinking. Why not create one herself? So she did.

Marcus launched to cater exclusively to Jewish brides-to-be, dealing with issues, questions, and preparations for the modern Jewish wedding. Wondering where on earth to get a ketubah? Why, you can find that all here!

Marcus has everything from the quintessential bridal experiences, like bridesmaid selection and the big name change, to the specifically Jewish topics, like the traditional mikvah, ideas for your chuppah, and planning a kosher wedding. There’s even information on DIY and eco-friendly Jewish weddings! The wide range of information makes the Jewish Wedding Network a one-stop resource for Jewish wedding planning needs. Visitors can find blogging brides-to-be who share their experiences, as well as vendors from around the country and the meaning and history behind Jewish wedding traditions. is comprised of five key elements: Jewish Brides Blog:  Follow a select group of  Jewish brides from every level of religious observance (from Unaffiliated to Orthodox) as they blog about their wedding planning from engagement to wedding day, including their search for the perfect ring and dress, hair and makeup trials, dress fittings, honeymoon planning, vendor reviews, creative wedding ideas, diy projects and tutorials, and more!  Glossary of Jewish Wedding Traditions and Customs: Everything from AufRuf to Yichud is demystified with straightforward definitions. Message Boards: A community forum where readers can pose their own specific questions related to Jewish wedding planning. Brides can share experiences and ideas, support one another, offer advice and help, and learn about the elements of a Jewish wedding. 

Photo Gallery of Ketubahs and Chuppahs: Married couples are invited to submit photos of their ketubahs and chuppahs to what will eventually become the largest photo gallery every assembled of these Jewish wedding essentials. Vendor Directory: Find food, florists, and favors all in one place! 

And don’t think the site is just for brides-to-be! Not only is the blogging brides section full of great stories, many of the resources can be applied to your own Jewish learning, planning a bat mitzvah, finding kosher caterers in your area, or finding great gift ideas for the next wedding on your calendar. Marcus launched the Web site in March and it continues to evolve, with a growing number of bloggers, vendors, special offers, and more!

Surf the site here

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