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Break Fast Tapas: Tuna Empanadas Are A Great Idea…
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Break Fast Tapas: Tuna Empanadas Are A Great Idea…

Spanish tuna empanadas are a great idea— if you like canned tuna, hard-boiled eggs, and olives. I'm not fond of all three. But, in the spirit of Yom Kippur and horizon expansion, I decided to try them out. Two days later, I am repenting. The 2.5-hour process alone was reason to atone. I’ve made paellas in less time. When I finally put the empanadas in the oven, I was so hungry that I made myself dinner and ate it while the empanadas baked. The empanadas came out crisp, flakey, and golden brown. The texture and consistency were perfect. My roommates loved them. I thought they were decent, and I was glad that I made it through the experience. When I came home the next day my roommates were still chomping on them. I resisted my urge to gag, but I dare say if you like these ingredients, go for it and you'll be delighted you did. If not, proceed with caution. If you plan to break the fast with these, make them the day before and store at room temperature. After breaking fast refrigerate if you've got any left.

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