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Ultra-Kosher Energy Drink for the Ultra-Orthodox Rock Star

Paging Matisyahu, paging Matisyahu. Your energy drink has arrived.

Before we get started, I just need to say: They should have called it ULTRA. I mean, come on. It's an ultra-kosher energy drink made specifically with the ultra-orthodox in mind. How could you call it anything else? Oh, but they did. They named it "Exit." Why? Why, oh why?

Israeli entrepreneur Kfir Cohen has created and begun marketing the world’s first kosher energy drink for ultra-Orthodox Jews. Why? Because they need fuel for all of that Torah studying, praying, and baby-making. No, really:

“There are three things going on here. They make a lot of babies, they study the Torah and they dance. They need a lot of energy, and something to strengthen them.”

The orange-colored brew includes 58 different extracts, each and every one of them awarded the highest certificate of kosher purity. While some are calling it "a good substitute for the coffee and cigarettes" that Yeshiva students use to keep on keepin' on, it's hard to fully get behind a novelty drink being marketed to this largely poor community, most of whom live on government subsidies.

“It’s selling very well, especially if there’s a wedding on” said Shaul Saydan, who runs a grocery shop in one of Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox communities. “It’ll definitely take over the energy drink market here, and there’s a big market in Jerusalem.”

Those of us outside of the Holy Land will be able to get our kosher kicks soon enough, as Exit will soon be available in England and America.

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