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Why Not Him?

The Economist on the Kinkster:

Mr Friedman's opponents dismiss his campaign as a joke and whisper that he is running only to provide material for another bestselling book. But Mr Friedman appears to take himself seriously, and so do a surprising number of Texans. A poll of likely voters by SurveyUSA put him in second place, with 21%, behind Mr Perry's 35% and a horse-hair ahead of Mr Bell (20%) and another independent, Carole Keeton Strayhorn (19%).

As the dearly departed once predicted Jesse Ventura's election, Jewcy predicts Kinky will be the next governor of Texas. He craps bigger 'an Molly Ivins.

Definitely good for the Jews. Better for the Texans. And never you mind your pretty little heads about this a-here Houston Chronicle article questioning The Kink's wild-and-wooly stump talk. Ain't they never seen a tongue implanted in a cheek in the land where chaps are still worn heterosexually?

"It's politically correct these days to apologize to the Indians and apologize to the Hawaiians for taking their land, apologize to the African-Americans for dealing with them as slaves and on and on without end. It's a little late in the game to go around apologizing and thinking everything's going to be OK."

Many Texans may agree, but candidates normally don't go out of their way during a campaign to provoke unnecessary controversy from those who don't.

Calling himself a "compassionate redneck," Friedman also has been outspoken on several other hot-button issues.

"I am going to see nondenominational prayer and the Ten Commandments put back in the schools," he told the Kilgore News Herald several weeks ago.

"If you don't love Jesus, go to hell," he added.

He also has called for repeal of the top 10 percent law, which many minorities value because it gives the best students from poor, mostly minority school districts an equal opportunity with more-privileged young people for admission to the best state-supported universities.

And Friedman talks a tougher line than Gov. Rick Perry on border security.

He told conservative TV commentator Bill O'Reilly last year that he would "seal the border" against illegal immigrants by bringing in the "National Guard, the Texas Rangers, the entire Polish Army, whatever it takes."

"Good fences make good neighbors," he added.

More recently, as quoted in the Dallas Morning News, Friedman said, "My immigration policy is 'Remember the Alamo.' "


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