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Yom Kippur in Boston

The Hippie: Dreadlocks and Bagels What: Maayan Tikvah's Yom Kippur services and break-fast When: Saturday, September 22, 4 PM Where: Rabbi Allen's home (email for address: Why: Like you, Maayan Tikvah is deeply rooted in the natural world and makes a conscious effort to minimize the impact of their activities on the environment. Join them for Yizkor and a participatory study group, moving on to Neilah afterwards, and then break the fast together with a pot-luck vegetarian meal. If the weather is nice, you'll spend some or all of the afternoon at the Greenways Conservation Area.


The Hipster: Way Too Cool for Hebrew School What: Ice Cream break-fast When: Saturday, September 22 Where: 352 Newbury St Why: I scream, Jew scream, even hipsters scream for ice creamespecially when it can be rationalized as a legit way to break the Yom Kippur fast. JP Licks is honoring the High Holy Days with Noodle Kugel Ice Cream and Manischewitz Blackberry Wine Sorbet. Tell me that doesn't make your pouty little mouth water.




The Beshert Seeker: Something Old, Something Newish, Something Borrowed, Something Jewish What: YLD's 2007-2008 sneak peek When: Tuesday, September 18, 7 PM Where: The Quarter: 36 Lansdowne St Why: Don't even think about missing this pre-Yom Kippur party, held by the Young Leadership Division of Combined Jewish Philanthropies. Hundreds of Boston's young Jewish professionals are expected to turn out for the event, so choose your outfit wisely and practice your bedroom eyes. You can always repent for naughty behavior later in the week.



The Nouveau Jew: Better Late Than Never? What: Taste of Me'ah When: Monday, September 17, 7:30 PM Where: Hebrew College, 160 Herrick Rd, Newton Why: You spent some time flirting with Judaism, and now you've fallen in love with the idea of embracing your religion, but where to begin? The High Holy Day season is the perfect time, and this complimentary, sample Me'ah class is the perfect opportunity. For approximately 100 hours of class time (Me'ah means "100" in Hebrew) over two years, Me’ah students learn about Judaism’s biblical, rabbinic, medieval and modern eras, reading core Jewish texts and debating major Jewish ideas. Sign up now, and by Yom Kippur 2009, you’ll be leading the service.

The Super-Jew: You've Got the Spirit, Yes You Do! What: Yom Kippur services and kosher break-fast at Havurah on the Hill When: Friday, September 21, 6 PM through Neilah on Saturday Where: The Vilna Shul, 18 Phillips St Why: Havurah on the Hill attracts Jews ranging in age from 18 to 39 who gather at the historic Vilna Shul for learning services, lectures, and communal Shabbat meals. The atmosphere is warm and informal with a nice hint of tradition and the learning services are filled with songs and ruach. It's sort of like the grown-up version of a youth group, and this year you can join them for Yom Kippur services led by Yoni Bock.


The Intellectual: Smarter Than Jew What: Charles River Beit Midrash When: Tuesdays, September 18 and 25, 7 PM Where: 136 Magazine St, Cambridge Why: The Kavod House's exciting, open, non-denominational learning space, called "The Charles River Beit Midrash," is open to Bostonians from all backgrounds and dedicated to serious text study and social action. After they've filled your head with knowledge, let them fill your belly with food: a free dinner is included, and the crew heads to JP Licks afterwards for ice cream and more discussion.



The Alterna-Parent: Day Care and Dinner Parties What: Free children's Yom Kippur and Shabbat services When: Saturday, September 22, 9 AM Where: Franklin Federated Church, 700 Main St., Franklin Why: Children are expensive, and so are temple memberships, so it's always nice to get something good for free. Reform Temple Etz Chaim of Franklin invites families with young children to come together for their Children's Yom Kippur and Shabbat service.

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