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Must Have: Readymade Purim Baskets
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Must Have: Readymade Purim Baskets

Yesterday we gave you some ideas and tips for creating your own mishloach manot. Today, we're giving a shout out to the especially busy and/or all-too-lazy readers among us, by offering leads on pre-made Purim Baskets. If you’re too darn lethargic to put something together yourself, fear not:

  • You can purchase premade mishloach manot, which can be conveniently mailed to your friends, at Oh Nuts!


  • Less than enamored by the basket options? Why not send cards that say “A donation has been made in your honor to X charity this Purim” to the important people in your life. Yad Sarah has some beautiful options, and the money helps bring the gift of Mishloach Manot to a homebound and/or disabled person in Israel.
  • Table to Table has some cute ones that can even be emailed, with the money going to hunger charities in Israel. Your local synagogue probably has their own version, as well.

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