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OMGWTFBIBLE podcast: Joseph! Pharoah! Jung! Dreams!
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OMGWTFBIBLE podcast: Joseph! Pharoah! Jung! Dreams!

Rabbi Joshua Yuter does not skirt controversy. Whether he’s criticizing Rabbi Hershel Shachter during the recent kerfuffle over women wearing tefillin in Yeshiva day schools, calling out Rabbi Avi Weiss of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah from the left, or partly justifying his recent decision to make Aliyah by stating he is “simply not Zionistic enough for the American rabbinate,” Rabbi Yuter is not afraid to speak his mind. Nor was he afraid to join me for an episode of OMGWTFBIBLE.

When we started reading, Joseph was stuck in jail. By the end of the episode, through some very unlikely dream analysis, Joseph ends up running the show in Egypt. Along the way, Rabbi Yuter and I discussed an Orthodox approach to Biblical criticism, what Pharaoh’s birthday parties must have been like, and alternate analyses of Pharaoh’s dreams.

Here’s my attempt to modernize the interpretation of those dreams:

At that point, people saw dreams as either telling about a thing that had happened, reflecting a thing that’s going on right now, or as predicting the future. And people immediately say “OK what does this dream predict?” Which is not something that we do. Now we tend to think of dreams as reflecting a vulnerability, reflecting our unconscious. So I thought about that and tried to figure out what, if we were to use that kind of analysis, what Pharaoh’s unconscious might be saying.

What was Rabbi Yuter’s analysis? Listen to find out.

p.s.! The next live recording of OMGWTFBIBLE will be at Beauty Bar (231 E. 14th Street) at 8:00PM on April 28 and will feature author Leah Vincent (“Cut Me Loose”).

David Tuchman translated the Tanach as a comedy and called it OMGWTFBIBLE. Each month on his podcast, he calls up a different guest to read as many chapters of OMGWTFBIBLE as they can while they both make fun of it.

Jewcy is the proud (internet) co-host of OMGWTFBIBLE. Read more about the project here, and listen to previous episodes here.

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