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Grumpy Old Man: An Interview with ‘Sissy Nation’ author John Strausbaugh

Sissy Nation: How America Became a Culture of Wimps and Stoopits (Virgin Books, on sale February 6) is one of the funniest books you will ever read — if you aren’t a sissy. Author John Strausbaugh, a contributor to the New York Times, unloads on every target that has infuriated him over the last fifty-six years of his existence: left-wing political correctness, right-wing religious fundamentalists, the obesity epidemic, the anorexia epidemic, the neutering of NASA and the death of brazen American individualism.

If you believe in anything whatsoever, Strausbaugh will probably offend you, but the fact that you are offended is his point. Jewcy interviewed Strausbaugh by e-mail. (Some of his answers are cut-and-pasted from the book, but we’re too Sissy to ask him to paraphrase.)

The book seems like a primal scream, something that has been repressed for a very long time. How long has this rage festered inside of you? Sissies repress. You calling me a Sissy? I’ve been ranting about our increasing Sissitude for years, but I didn’t know that’s what it was. It took time for me to realize that these separate rants were all reactions to mutually reinforcing aspects of one big trend. So I wrote Sissy Nation, my unified field theory of Sissitude.

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