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Must Have: God in the Wilderness, by the Adventure Rabbi
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Must Have: God in the Wilderness, by the Adventure Rabbi

Reform Rabbi Jamie Korngold, AKA The Adventure Rabbi, has made quite a name for herself in the past seven years. In 2001 she started the hugely successful Adventure Rabbi program, which seeks to bring "Jews back into communal religious life through innovative religious programs which combine the outdoors and Jewish practice."

Her first book, out just this past week, is called God in the Wilderness: Rediscovering the Spirituality of the Great Outdoors with the Adventure Rabbi. A celebration of and guide to the divinity inherent in the natural world, the book was designed to fit easily into a backpack or pocket. With chapters like "Cultivate the Patience to See Burning Bushes" and "Restore Your Soul Beside Still Waters," it's a must have at only $9.56 from Amazon.

You can read the first chapter here.

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