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Other Israel Film Festival Spotlight

A look at the two films bookending this year’s showcase of movies representing the ‘rest’ of Israel.

The Pirate Captain Toledano

A chat with the very interesting star of a new short about Jewish pirates.

Jewcy Interviews: Aida’s Secrets

Alon Schwarz, one half of a brother directing team, discusses his film about two brothers meeting for the first time after seventy years.

Jewcy Interviews: ‘Jungle’

A conversation with the subject and producer of the new film ‘Jungle’ starring Daniel Radcliffe as Israeli adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg.

Claude Lanzmann’s ‘Four Sisters’

The New York Film Festival presents four new films from ‘Shoah’ director Claude Lanzmann this weekend.

Jewcy Review: ‘Red Trees’

A contemplative look at survival and new beginnings from Prague to Brazil after the Holocaust.

Len Wein, 69, Created More Superheroes Than You Realize

Plus, when the late comics writer put the Golem on the page.

Orthodox Children Lifting Weights, Australian Jews Grappling with Their Sexuality, and More

For great and irreverent Jewish films, head right over to Queens.