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Israel Film Festival Spotlight

Two of this year’s top Israeli films are excellent representatives of modern cinema from a thriving industry in Israel.

Jewcy Interviews: Jessie Auritt on ‘Supergirl’

Jessie Auritt talks about her documentary about an Orthodox female powerlifter.

Jewcy Interviews: Stephen Apkon on ‘Disturbing the Peace’

The director on his documentary about Israeli-Palestinian cooperation.

Jewcy Review: ‘The Settlers’

This stirring documentary on the history of settlements in Israel has plenty to say.

Jewcy Review: ‘Denial’

The Holocaust itself is on trial in the new film that challenges the extermination of Jews as a factual inaccuracy.

Jewcy Interviews: Avi Nesher on ‘Past Life’

Israeli director Avi Nesher sat down with Jewcy at the Toronto International Film Festival to discuss his new film.

Jewcy Interview: Filmmaker Jesse Sweet

A conversation with the man who is currently working to finish his eye-opening documentary about Kiryas Joel, the Satmar community in the Hudson Valley.

Jewcy Review: ‘The People vs. Fritz Bauer’

A tale of one man’s postwar effort to awaken the German consciousness to its recent crimes.